In the beginning was the unsolicited dick pic.
They come in all shapes, but always unwanted and never asked for.

After collecting the different pictures we started matching them to different Tarot cards. Sometimes because it was fitting, sometimes random. I am not into Tarot reading.
To be fair: I do not believe in Tarot Cards. For me it was just the perfect medium to demonstrate the amount of pictures that ended up in my DMs.
The process was easy: keeping the original spirit and design, but combining it with the Tarot aesthetics and symbolics.

To take a look at this project, we provide you a short Speed Drawing of one of the cards in the finished project.

(Tarot Card Speed Drawing)

The picture you see in the video did not end up in my own inbox. After sorting all the pictures sent to me, I realized that there is one type of picture that appears quite often: erections visible through underwear (normally tight boxer shorts) and oh boy they are so similar, it’s actually scary.

Of cause we could fill lot’s of pages with this one type of picture, but I decided to ask some of my female on and offline friends for pictures they received unwanted from random dudes from the internet to spicy up the collection. The number of pictures in total has not changed.

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