Don't send the pic, you dick.

Imagine opening your inbox, and mixed in with messages from friends you see sexist comments, date requests, and... pictures of penises. Sadly, this happens more often than you think. How often? I got my first dickpic when I was just 15 years old. After joining Twitter, unwanted advances became part of my online life. In 2016 we started saving all these unwanted pictures that had been sent to my inbox in the last two years. The idea was to turn them into a card game, so people would notice the quantity of pictures in an amusing way. Unfortunately, the amount of photos we collected were far too many for any card game we could think of, but after some research it turns out that the number I received is the same number of cards in a Tarot deck. So each dickpic was transformed into a specific Tarot card.  

... And now?

Let's try to have a laugh at the expense of the dickpics. We created a colouring book ready for you to colour. You can now experience all kinds of penises at once. Ever asked yourself what type of pictures, random dudes on the internet take of their dicks? Or want to compare the DickPics you got with what I got? Now you can download our Colouring Book here and finally turn dickpics into something useful!

The Colouring Book You #NeverAskedFor

Lets get started!

Creative Commons
(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Feel free to share and adapt our colouring book for noncommercial purposes! Just credit us. We love to see your designs in the end! More information about the license here.
Download the
PDF Colouring Book
You can download the PDF (A4) here. Because every card/picture has its own page, you can also colour it on your tablet to safe paper, or skip the cover when printed.
Tweet your results
and share your art!
We would love to see your coloured pages! Please mention our twitter account @junkmailcards or use the hashtag #NeverAskedFor

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